Lorrimer Burford Wealth Freedom Group

Our Story

Our story began with a father watching a few professional youths, including his son, daughters and their friends, making the same mistakes he did at their age; fighting to get a profession without planning to become wealthy or to secure their financial future. Chatting with them he found that some:

  • had no confidence in the financial markets after watching their parents lose; especially heavily during the 2007 recession
  • did not know enough about investing in financial service markets,
  • say they did not have enough money, and
  • felt that success depend on a steep learning curve

But not all were skeptical. Brenton, his friend’s son told him, “Uncle” he said. “I have fun making money investing in the financial markets. That’s how I bought our home and we are investing for our retirement as well”, he finished referring to his wife.

That’s when Wealth Freedom Group was born. CEO Lorrimer Burford, took his family savings and, pulling some of his own investments created a membership platform to accommodate all youth who wish to become actively involved in securing their financial future through investing, even if they have very little or no money as long as they have saleable skills.

Beyond helping the youth, the CEO feels compelled to do something to stop the prevailing trend reported by the Boston Consulting Group where they predict that around 70% of the nation's wealth will be in the hands of millionaires and billionaires by 2021.